What’s up, mates! It’s another Wednesday, and that means a new edition of GSSC coverage by GSSC Bureau Chief Olivia Mitchell. Have a gander at this week’s brilliant student council meeting. Cheers, love!

This week’s GSSC meeting was short and sweet. As always, it began with announcements from President Jane Jeong GS’22. Jeong discussed updates from Deans Rosen-Metsch and Galas Hickey on Columbia’s recent Giving Day, specifically the GS intake. According to the Deans, GS raised more than double what was raised in 2019, with last year’s GS raising $445,000, and this year’s GS raising almost $700,000, $100,000 of which went to Yellow Ribbon. If people want to contribute further, they can give their time, talent, and treasure by working with GSSC and volunteering at GSSC-led events. Jeong then announced the new Vice President of Campus Life: Liam McGrane GS’24, who originally served as Chief of Campus Life. The position of Chief of Campus Life is now vacant.

Then, President Jeong moved onto policy updates. Campus Life started by discusing new events coming up sponsored by GSSC, including dance classes, a First-Year Friendsgiving Mixer on November 21st, an Interfaith Panel on November 24th, and an upcoming Senior Mixer. They then moved onto the discussion of creating a Discord subcommittee, which was later presented in new business, to make Discord the best it can be. The motion for a subcommittee later passed. Next, Alumni Affairs Representative Cole Wagner GS’22 talked about the Alumni Panel that GSSC held, saying that there was an attendance of about 15-16 people, and that both panelists and attendees found the event really helpful; overall, a success. Finally, the International Students Representative Rhe-Anne Tan GS’21 discussed an upcoming GSSC event called the CCE Conversation, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, November 12th. CCE Conversation is an interschool panel event where recent international student graduates talking about finding jobs in the current economic climate.

There were no updates from the Policy Committee, the Communications Committee, the Finance Committee, or the University Senator.

Finally, in standing business, a motion to untable the discussion on the Google Forms voting system was made. A discussion ensued, talking about the possible security issues that could be made using a third-party service, as well as the need to test this possible system out. The motion passed with all affirmative votes, except for the Vice President of Policy Serengeti Timungwa GS’23 and the Students with Disabilities Representative Joan Bolanos Martinez GS’21, both of whom abstained.

Like I said, short and sweet. That’s GSSC for this week! Check in next Wednesday for new coverage on GSSC and GS happenings. Cheers!

Header Design via Olivia Mitchell

Lerner Hall Image via Shira Michaeli