Welcome back to GSSC coverage! This week, SGA Bureau Chief Eliza Staples is filling in for GSSC Bureau Chief Olivia Mitchell.

To begin this week’s meeting, President Jane Jeong GS’22 explained the structure of GSSC meetings, noting that many students might be attending the meeting to discuss academic provisions in the public comment portion of the meeting. President Jeong brought up the main topic of discussion for the meeting: the CCSC proposal to extend of the deadline to declare P/D/F grading, as well as an extension of classes available for P/D/F. President Jeong noted that she will soon be meeting with Dean Rosen-Metsch about this matter. The Communications Committee shared that they have updated the GSSC website, including the homepage, the directory, and council progress trackers. They noted the three advertisements currently on the site (Thanksgiving Interfaith Panel,  First Year Friendsgiving, and the vacancy for Chief of Campus Life), as well as upcoming events they plan to advertise (Final Exam Prep Night, HipHop Dance Class, Senior/First-Year Hangout). The Finance Committee did not give any updates. The Campus Life Committee shared that the Chief of Campus Life position is still open. The University Senator did not share any updates.

The council members then proceeded to new business. They first discussed the impeachment of Equity and Inclusion Chair Xochitl Pereira. Vice President of Policy Serengeti Timungwa GS ‘23 submitted the impeachment report. President Jeong clarified that Xochitl had the opportunity to submit a rebuttal report, but did not do so. The council members voted on a motion to impeach Xochitl Pereira, and the motion passed. 

The council proceeded to discuss the  CCSC proposal for academic provisions. Vice President Timungwa favored endorsing the proposal and submitting it to the Committee on Instruction and Dean Rosen-Metsch. The council members, as well as other GS students at the meeting, discussed how applicable this proposal would be to GS students. One student noted that the proposal mentioned the drastic differences in students’ socioeconomic statuses that make this semester difficult, and that this mention should be more explicit, consider many GS students self-finance. Vice President Timungwa suggested using this in the body of the email sharing this proposal to the Committee on Instruction. Another member mentioned that some professors don’t follow procedures about recording classes, and asked how the proposal might address those issues. Vice President Timungwa clarified that this proposal was solely about grading options and those deadlines, but suggested that direct conversation with faculty would be helpful for addressing other concerns with remote learning. Other council members brought up the larger transfer population of GS, who have less time to fulfill Core and major requirements, and that it would be helpful to the many transfer students at GS if P/D/F grading was available for these classes. Another council member stressed the urgency of deciding on the proposal, as there will not be a GSSC meeting next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and P/D/F deadlines are approaching. The council members decided that they can endorse this proposal due to the urgency of the matter, while simultaneously developing a GS-specific proposal to address needs not included in the CCSC proposal. The council members motioned to approve the proposal, and the motion passed. There was no standing business, communications from the floor, or public comment. 

Kent Hall via Bwog Archives