Staff Writer Jeff Davis composes a poem for the website responsible for them passing their Spanish courses.


Please alloweth me to sing unto you your praises


I consistently worship at your altar

I prostrate myself before you

A humble supplicant


Who alloweth me to actually finish

My Blink Learning assignments

Without cracking my skull open on my keyboard

O, you

Whose name I’m unable to utter without

sounding like I’m saying “dick”

As someone in SPAN 2101

Should I understand the indirect object?


But you,

Sit ever in patience

Never casting judgement like a long shadow


Will I ever comprehend

The arcane mysteries of the subjunctive?

Shall I spend hours in meditation, asking

“Okay, but are the future and the conditional conjugations

The same thing because that’s supposed to be helpful

But honestly now I’m just more confused?

Am I even thinking of the right verb forms?”


You have the answers that I seek

Like the Oracle at Delphi

Full of ancient wisdom

Because of you

I don’t have to ask my native speaker friends

To look over my assignments just one more time


I throw myself at your feet


I am yours, forever

Eternally loyal and true

Image via PickPik