It’s that time of year again….

We can all use a touch of seniorly advice in our lives. And guess what, we’ll have some for you right in time for finals season! Each semester, we hear from the wisest, senioriest graduating seniors in all the land before they leave us for post-grad life. But we only know so many people; we need your help to find such legends.

Boast about your friends, your more-than-a-friend friends, your dorm neighbor in Carman that was you didn’t talk to but was low-key cool, that girl in your seminar that makes really good points, your club leadership, or any other senior graduating this semester to impart their wisdom to us before they graduate. Feel free to peruse our Senior Wisdom archives for some inspiration (for nomination and general life purposes).

We’re looking for the people that made an impact on campus as a whole, but on the people in their lives too. While we know club presidents are invaluable, but we want to hear from everyone who has wisdom to share including maybe your NSOP Leader who made your transition to college a bit easier, your friend who keeps forgetting to go to that club’s meeting but has a really funny story about that time in EC to share, or anyone else in between. Nominate ’em all!

Recognize these special people at Columbia through this anonymous Google form or by emailing us at We’ll need to know your nominee’s name, UNI, college, and why they should get a Senior Wisdom. We grant Senior Wisdoms to seniors only graduating this current semester, so please only nominate those graduating in Fall 2020. Spring 2021 nominations will open up at the end of next semester. Nominations are due next Thursday, December 3rd at 11:59 PM EST.

Well, what are you waiting for? Ready, set, get nominating!

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