The bizarre, the profane, and the actually useful: here’s what Bwog has in our notes for Fall 2020.

“There is a whole Marxist hypothesis in Harry Potter”
“I want you to be Obsessed with language”
“Sick Vampire Weekend reference” (alternatively, “Sick My Chemical Romance reference”)
“‘Finance bro’ is gender-inclusive”

This is actually my ideal hairstyle

“I’ve spoken an untruth, and no one cares or noticed, in this land, I can be someone new”
“Catholic Mass → cool”
“Go to Office Hours PLEASE”
“No drop sets (mountain scapes are for CHUMPS)”

That’s okay, you can still be president

“??? Sunflower seeds”
“Local Dipshit Forced To Sit Inside Due To Constant Tomfoolery”
“Aristotle fuck off!”
“Look this up later” (was not looked up later)
“Cons of college: Mark Zuckerberg”

Fuck Aristotle, but Galileo can hang

“Saturn is Weird!”
“Need therapy? write a memoir instead!”
“This guy is a ‘normal people scare me’ freak”
“What if we passed the policy then redistributed bread?”

Notes on semiotics: a pen vs. a chicken

“Shaw is putting forth basic ideas (how do we wade through all the bullshit to get to the point)”
“Philistines are indifferent and bitches”
“Tragicomedy bc we are weak and it’s a cop out”
“You might be a good person but do you know Plato”

Astrology? Ancient runes? Okay!

“I don’t know what is going on”
“Fandom? Belonging at colleges?”
“Twitter: everyone hates landlords”
“Money printer go brrr”

Self-portrait, c. 2020

“Roget, bitches!”
“Is it my depressive spiral or is it my intuition”
“Cluster, bubble, hybrid”
“Campy, T-Swift, ‘You Belong With Me’ music video vibes”

Visions of soup

Note-taking testimonies:
– One Bwogger: “I doodle my name in as many kinds of cursive as I can think of to feel productive.”
– Another Bwogger: “I write my first name and my girlfriend’s last name to see how it would look.” (Editor’s Note: When this Bwogger told me this fact, I wept.)

Diligent note taking via Bwog Archives