Ah, I see these insecurities now include the fictitious too

Every now and then, I’ll be watching a movie or show, and the characters will randomly be referenced as going to Columbia and Barnard. For a fleeting moment. I get to relate to people who are much better dressed than I am, something I wouldn’t want to pass up. Then, I start to imagine us as classmates, and the age-old question arises: would they want to be friends with me? The emphasis is on want. Personally speaking, I love to be in my own presence, but would these people feel the same…

Amy- Booksmart

I think we’d be friends. She’s often unintentionally funny. So am I. She likes to make up songs to diffuse awkward situations. So do I. We already have so much in common. I think we’d have a great back and forth going. I would love to be friends with Amy, and I think she’d feel the same way.

Veronica Lodge- Riverdale

Absolutely not. She would not want to be friends with me, but I want her to know the feeling is mutual. She has way too much shit going on, I can’t keep up. I just cannot relate to a single word that comes out of this girl’s mouth. She probably would think I was boring. You know, I haven’t been wrapped up in a murder turned into maple syrup drug front turned into organ harvesting cult or whatever the fuck goes on in Riverdale. I am perfectly happy keeping my distance 

Andie- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

I feel like Andie would like me, although I would be worried she would be doing some freaky article about how to scare away friends. Perhaps I was how she perfected her routine before heading into the majors with Matthew McConaughey. 

Tracy- How I Met Your Mother

Oh, I think we’d get along great. I feel like we’d accidentally sit next to each other in the dining hall one day, and she would start talking to me for hours. And then friendship would ensue. She’s so nice, and, I don’t know, I just think we’d vibe really well. I also love a friend who makes me baked goods.

McDreamy, McSteamy, and Addison Montgomery- Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t know if we’d be friends. They seem to have this whole thing going on in their little group, and I’m really not sure how I’d fit in. I’m also not sure they would want me to fit in, which is totally fine. We have different interests I’m sure. 

Ross Geller- Friends

This one is really a toss up. I can’t tell whether he’d think I was funny or dumb. I can’t help but think he would be the person who’d glare at me if I breathed too loud in the library. My gut tells me he wouldn’t like me. I also have to remember the question is whether he’d want to be friends with me, not the other way around. If it was a matter of me wanting to be friends with him, the answer is a firm no.

Blair Waldorf- Gossip Girl

Okay. The only way we would be in the same room is if we were randomly assigned as roommates. With this given circumstance, here is how I think our relationship would progress. We would speak in passing mostly. I’d keep my side of the room especially neat because she is graced with side glances that could kill. One day, I’d be getting ready to go out and so would she, with different people of course. I would see something is missing from my lewk and turn to her wall of headbands that stretches as far as the eye could see. I’ve been looking at those bad boys for a while, but today is the day where I muster up the courage to ask to borrow one. When I do, she passive aggressively says yes, but nevertheless, I leave with the perfect accessory. After this, we slowly begin to talk more and more, but she still keeps her distance. We don’t leave as best friends or barely even acquaintances, but we’ve shared a headband. We now share a bond like no other. 

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