Welcome to Barnard College, Class of 2025!

Barnard College released Early Decision results earlier this evening.

Last year, Barnard admitted 45% of the 697 person class in the Early Decision round. The number of applicants applying early has been steadily increasing—last year, there were a record-breaking 1,242 applicants, in the class of 2023, there were 1,235 applicants, and for the class of 2022, there were 993 Early Decision applicants. 

Official statistics for the Class of 2025 have not yet been released, but they may have set yet another record for Early Decision applicants. We will update this post as the Class of 2025 information becomes available. 

Regardless, congratulations to the newest members of the Barnard community! Whenever we return to campus, we cannot wait to meet you! 

barnard gates via Bwog Archives