Bwogline: Stanford Medical Center healthcare workers staged a protest against a vaccine distribution system that left medical residents and nurses out dry while hospital administrators received them. Hospital administrations blamed an algorithm that failed to take into account whether a person was working face-to-face with COVID-19 patients. The distribution plan is currently under revision. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Study Tip: If you find yourself tired, burned out, or just with no motivation to study, take a break! Take a nap! Eat something! Your body is telling you that you need to recharge and you’re only going to drain what little energy you have left staring at your notebook. It’s much more effective to recharge so you can be 3 times as efficient when you come back.

Music of the Day: Achilles Come Down

Procrastination Tip: Since Adobe Flash will no longer be supported after December of 2020, it is highly recommended that you play as many Flash games as possible before time runs up, finals be damned. I’ve been playing a lot of Bloons Tower Defense and games from, and it is incredibly addicting to relive your childhood memories one last time before the cold march of time locks them away forever

Overseen/Overheard: “I am a greedy boy and everything belongs to me.”

Image Courtesy of Bwog Archives