We wrote your inevitable extension email for you. you’re welcome.

Dear Professor _______

I hope you are doing well in this ________ (adjective) time.

 Unfortunately, I am not. Over the weekend my______ (type of acquaintance) ingested too much _____ (noun)  during a ____ (event type) and began to ______ (sound). This resulted in several noise complaints from our _______ (another type of acquaintance) and residual mess that took hours to clean. In short, it’s been a busy weekend. I hope to still have my ______ (noun) done by Monday night, but on the off chance that I don’t, I was hoping I could have an extension of _______ (amount of time). I take the science of ______ (noun) incredibly seriously and it is my _______ (adjective) priority to complete this ______ (noun) in a timely manner. I _____ (verb) not to make a pattern of such tardiness, and am ________ (verb) to you for your flexibility.

Let me know, 

____________ (student name)

Fill the Blank via creativecommons.org