Please play my intro python game. Please I’m begging, please, will someone play my intro python game.

I, like many other Columbia engineering students, have been personally victimized by Prof. Bauer of the CS department. Not because he’s a bad teacher (he’s wonderful!), and not because his tests are hard (they’re ok, honestly), but because he keeps giving us projects that require a user. Our assignments are always to make a game or a short helpful program for someone to interact with. But there is nothing sadder than making a whole game just for it to never be played.

After spending eight hours of grueling frustrating work, tearing my hair out until every last error disappears, meticulously tending to each requirement laid out in the assignment, I just want a little validation.

So please play my intro python game.

I made a game where you have to guess what number the computer is thinking of! You get three whole tries!

I made a program that prints out your name stylized with some stars! That’s so cool!

I made a program that tells you what farmer’s markets are located in your zipcode! Albeit it’s in small white Courier font, and you have to type the location very specifically or it won’t work, but hey! It’s vaguely useful!

I made a blackjack game! No, there aren’t real cards and yes, the game only lasts about a minute tops! But it gives you a cute message if you win! How fun! Right!?

So please tell me my work wasn’t for nothing, and please try to at least pretend to be a little impressed. I know it’s underwhelming and a little ugly, but it doesn’t have any errors, and it took me an entire day of work, ok? And hey, if you buy into the shitty font and the lackluster results, it’s even a little fun!

Gameplay Via Solomia