Why you should run, I can’t tell you…but where you should run, I can.

Riverside going south

This route is ridiculously flat, so if you want to feel like you’re super fast, this is the route for you. You can turn around at literally any point, but going all the way to the end of the park is about 2 miles each way. 

So flat, time to zoom

The reservoir

I honestly love this route—it has a super nice view of the skyline, and it’s super easy to add as much distance as you want by doing laps on the (DEAD FLAT) cinder track around the reservoir. If you do this route, go early or in shitty weather because many runners in Central Park don’t wear masks. Each lap adds 1.6 miles, and without adding any distance it’s about 3 miles. 

Do you go to college in New York or something?

The North end of Riverside/Grant’s Tomb

Another super flat route, this one is nice for when you want to go on a run but you either feel like shit/the weather is shit/you woke up really late and now have barely any time to run. Though it’s really short, it’s still really pretty (North end of riverside>>>the rest of riverside).

It was very cold when I took this

GW Bridge

This is a pretty flat route with really nice views of the Hudson. It’s about 8 miles, but you have the option to take the metro either way to cut that in half.

Omg look at the city and the river and the trees

Central Park Loop

This is pretty flat, but for New York it’s pretty much the closest you’ll get to a hilly route. As long as you stay on the main path it’s really well lit at night, but still be careful. It’s about 7 miles in total, with tons of options to add distance.

Up close and personal with Midtown

Times Square

If you just wanna *feel something* this is the run for you. Only do it in the extremely early hours of the morning when it’s dark out.

Sensory overload in Times Square

Zoom zooming via Bwog Archives