Before she graduates, former Texan-in-chief of Bwog Jenny wants us to give it our all in life, steal things from JJs, and recommend her a good psychic.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Jenny, Columbia College, Financial Econ and History, a Dallas baby. And because I was told once by an administrator that I have “porous boundaries” I am an oversharer – holiday of choice: halloween birth chart: libra sun, leo moon, cap rising favorite oil: truffle last meal: ahi tuna tower, a spanish G&T, and warm chocolate chip cookies w/ vanilla ice cream

Claim to fame: Former Editor in Chief of this rodeo (Bwog), that one RA who had to CAVA a resident for getting a live crab stuck to their finger, Bumble ambassador, JJs lurker, girl who asked for recs for psychics in her class Facebook

Where are you going? NYC but more specifically – spending time with loved ones, drinking cocktails, and baking desserts in my apartment (and hopefully taking the vaccine) before my job starts

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2025?

  1. Leave it all on the floor. Never give a half-hearted effort; try at everything and apply for everything. Participate in class. Do your best (whatever that looks like) and don’t worry if you’re not perfect or if you fail. A history teacher at my high school once told me to stop prefacing my comments in class with “This might not be right” or “I’m not sure.” Especially for my girlies – we’re always conditioned to second-guess ourselves – life is too short for that.
  2. (Ethically) steal. Use library genesis, go grocery shopping at Jonathan Jay, fill that disposable coffee cup up with gummy bears at JJs … democratize college when you can.
  3. If you ever need a piece of software that Columbia computers have but you don’t (i.e. Stata, Matlab, GeoMapApp) – you can remotely access them from your personal laptop for free.
  4. Bonus: Joe’s Journalism has terrible matcha lattes. Do not ever order a matcha latte at Joe’s. They are not for the people. Also you can eat at JJs at any time of the day – so don’t let people shame you into thinking otherwise.

Back in my day…” Guys!!! This is straight depressing to answer right now. But back in my day we’d crowd on Low steps during a beautiful day, gossip in fur coats over 1020 frozen margs, make inside jokes sitting next to each other in large lecture halls, share illicit claws in cab rides downtown, hug each other and dance with each other and try to get in as close physical proximity as we could.

Favorite Columbia controversy? Probably that one kid in our grade who hooked up with James Charles during Coachella. Closely seconded by alums trying to have a 300-person party in their townhouse during a panny hahah

What was your favorite class at Columbia? University Writing/anything with Synne Borgen. American Civil War & Reconstruction with Stephanie McCurry. Crime & Policing with Matthew Vaz. Calculus III with Igor Krichever (the gentlest soul at Columbia). Principles with Gulati (it lives up to the hype).

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Sure *** is great but a good truffle gouda with spicy soppressata and Mike’s hot honey … life-changing

Whom would you like to thank? My mom, my sister, and my dad. Lara for being my co-dependent best friend. Kat and Stats for knowing freshman me and still choosing to be kind. Bwog and almas (YW, Amara, Rachel) for being my family and making it my third place. Matt for being there when I cried in Accounting. Masch for not judging how many packages I order every week; JAJJ. My RA staffs of years past making my Tuesday nights more bearable. Butcaf brownies & matcha lattes. Cafe East boba. My advisor Erica Siegel for not only answering my (many) academic questions, but also for being a genuine mentor with genuine interest in my life. My milk frother. My professors for everything.

One thing to do before graduating: Drink on the steps, hug your friends tight, cry in a class. All are highly cathartic. All I would definitely do again.

Any regrets? Too many to count. Being too hard on myself, and caring too much about what other people thought of me. Not living in Carman freshman year. Having my college experience cut short by a pandemic. All this has been a melancholy reminder that life is made of stages, and once one stage is finished, there is no going back. What a bizarre feeling this is. Beautiful.