This year has come with a lot of surprises and adjustments, one of which has been the switch to online learning. As we learn to adapt to this new format for classes, Bwoggers have picked up some interesting new classroom habits that would have seemed ridiculous just a few months ago.

The switch to Zoom classes has been a rocky one for many of us, and it’s important that we take stock of the positives of this new learning format. So, here are our favorite things Bwoggers have done during Zoom classes that we would never be able to do in person!

  • Washed two weeks worth of laundry
  • Cooked Trader Joe’s hashbrowns
  • Painted my nails
  • Finished homework for other classes
  • Complained out loud about the class I was currently in
  • Did an entire handbalancing workout
  • Watched two episodes of America’s Next Top Model
  • Broke a table and then cleaned up the glass from said broken table
  • Discussed hookups with roommates instead of paying attention
  • Sang quite loudly
  • Ordered, picked up, and ate takeout
  • Stopped taking notes and just laid on the floor for a while
  • Went to the dining hall
  • Redecorated my room
  • Rode a bike through Manhattan
  • Vibed in a dollar store
  • Took a shower
  • Did my makeup
  • Gossiped with my mom
  • Cursed audibly when people asked stupid questions
  • Laughed when my professor had a technical mishap
  • Spilled an entire pot of unfiltered cold brew on my computer
  • Went to class in my underwear

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done in a Zoom class that you could never get away with in person? Let us know in the comments!

Class photo via Pixabay.