Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License has topped charts since it was released on January 8, and there is nothing like blasting the song while driving through the suburbs and scream-singing to your heart’s content. Here are my best tips to achieve similar vibes, even while living in NYC without a car (or driver’s license).

It’s no secret that Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License is hard to stop listening to, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that there is simply no feeling comparable to blasting the song while aggressively crying and driving through the suburbs. Yet, as many of us move back to campus or to apartments near Barnumbia, what’s a college student to do when there are no suburbs to drive through (and no cars for us to drive in). Here are some of Bwog’s favorite ways to vibe while listening to Drivers License in NYC:

  • While people-watching from your tiny NYC apartment, imagining each passerby is an ex-lover who left you for an older blonde girl
  • Walking to or from getting tested for Coronavirus (this one is fun because you can do it twice a week! Wow!)
  • Post-checkout at Trader Joe’s, heartbroken because the flirty employee didn’t propose on the spot
  • Sitting in Riverside Park staring at the river
  • Walking by old buildings, feeling young and lost (bonus points if you imagine you’re walking to your ex’s house, crying because they’re not around)
  • After seeing your freshman crush on Tinder, thinking about what could have been
  • Staring at your transcript and thinking about the As that got away
  • Looking through a pet adoption website and knowing that your apartment/dorm room will never allow you to actually obtain these furry friends
  • Feeling mysterious and dramatic behind your mask while strolling through the grocery store
  • In the shower, singing like there’s no such thing as neighbors
  • Thinking about how many other people are probably listening to the same song at the exact same time and feeling like you’re finally a part of something (oops this one got real)
  • Flipping through poetry books at the bookstore
  • Thinking about your position on the waitlist for the class you were dying to get into but probably never will
  • Sitting on the Subway with nowhere to go and nothing to do, straight up vibing
  • Reminiscing about the days of in-person classes, parties, and physical social interaction while walking past the school gates

However you listen to Drivers License, we love supporting young artists and getting out those pesky emotions. So, take a break from Zoom University, and don’t be afraid to join me in cry-singing our way through the first few weeks (or months) of 2021!

Driving image via Pixabay