Staff Writer Sydney assesses the character, disposition, and refinement of each of Columbia’s four colleges. Will one reveal itself to be the diamond of the season? 

(Note: These are just my opinions, feel free to disagree or perhaps offer alternative suggestions in the comments section.)

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two months or don’t have Netflix, you have probably seen the smash hit regency drama, “Bridgerton.” The colorful, grandiose, steamy, romantic romp is incredibly addictive, seeing as I, over winter break, locked myself in my room for an entire day to binge the first season. Everyone’s incredibly attractive, the vibrantly colored period costumes have convinced every young woman that she NEEDS a corset and/or empire waist dress, and there’s enough drama, scandal, and intrigue to remind you just how boring your modern-day life is. Yet, I do think there are some traces of this regency drama in the Columbia community, and it dawned on me that perhaps each of the colleges could embody some of the characters from the show. So sit back, relax with a cup of tea, take a promenade across the College Walk, or perhaps read this whilst you are seated on Low Steps, making mysterious eye contact with passersby in an attempt to start your enemies to lovers romance. 

Columbia College: Antony Bridgerton

Antony is the rowdy yet refined head of the Bridgerton household who, whilst wanting to uphold tradition by properly presenting and marrying off his younger sister, does not necessarily want to adopt the traditional lifestyle of a viscount. He is very much CC as he wants to hold onto the tradition and prestige of his family name, but he has a hunger for rebellion while also a very type-A need to control everything. Much like a CC student, you can find him having discussions in old, musty libraries with wood paneling, speaking in hushed but intense tones about the nature of existence. He is passionate, clever, and loves to argue and occasionally quarrel with his fellow society men, much like a CC student in a LitHum class. He is never one to back down from a challenge. If he went to Columbia College he would definitely be picking ideological fights with all of his professors. 

General Studies: The Duke

At the beginning of the season, The Duke seemingly re-enters London society after having removed himself to explore Europe and be free bonds of Regency society. He would most definitely be GS because he chose to carve out his own path, ignoring tradition in favor of a life that suits his unique interests and needs. When he first meets Daphne Bridgerton, he is cold and aloof, and she does not take too kindly to this, kicking off an epic enemies-to-lovers romance. Much like GS and the rest of Columbia, the Duke thinks that Daphne is too young and naive to understand him or the ways of the world, while she, in turn, thinks he is too cynical and resents him for not living a traditional lifestyle. In the end, however, they realize that they can learn a lot from each other, and ultimately are stronger as a team, much like how GS and the other Columbia students are today. 

Barnard College: Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton is by far the most outspoken, feistiest, and ambitious woman of the Bridgerton family, frequently seen with a book in hand or speaking out against the restrictive customs and norms holding women back in Regency society. She is boisterous even at the threat of being deemed “unacceptable” or “impolite” and would absolutely be seen walking across Barnard’s campus, iced-coffee in hand, debating how to dismantle patriarchal structures on her way to her Women’s Studies class. She is the embodiment of Barnard’s feminist, intellectual vibe and it is my belief that, instead of being presented in London society and marrying some man, she would have a meet-cute in Milstein with a fellow radical and they would end up going on bookstore dates and traveling the world together. 

SEAS: Lady Whistledown

Lady Whistledown is arguably the most mysterious figure in the Bridgerton series, being only a disembodied voice who publishes scandalous articles with the hottest tea of the season. Now, while SEAS isn’t exactly known for its hot gossip, the cleverness, resourceful, and cunning Lady Whistledown employs in order to keep her identity and means of producing pamphlets secret reflects a similar ingenuity to a SEAS student. For most of the series, she remains anonymous, and while possessing knowledge of the goings-on at the Grand Balls, doesn’t seem to actively participate, remaining the anti-social, spectator, much like the average engineering major. Much like an engineer, you never really see Lady Whistledown, but her handiwork is widely proliferated and recognized. Lady Whistledown also possesses very particular types of knowledge which makes them highly regarded and resented, much like how SEAS students are proficient in and love to talk anything STEM while I, a liberal arts student, am thoroughly allergic to math and science. 

Image via Bwog Illustrator Evelyn