Biden’s inauguration, shopping period ending, and cases rising. The world just keeps moving forward even if we don’t want it to, huh? Let’s see what Bwog did during the fleeting moments of last week.

Bwog ate some interesting (and really delicious) food:

  • had excellent Mexican food
    • twice
  • pickled shallots and put them on practically everything I made this weekend
  • ate really good pho in an unheated outdoor seating pod.
    • the warmth of the soup did not help much against the bitter cold.
  • used my $30 nightly grubhub credit on insomnia cookies with ZERO regrets
  • made an ice cream cake!!!

Bwog took a break from schoolwork (only to come back with renewed passion):

  • did no homework
  • ignored my responsibilities
  • sent my professor a tiktok to Bond, i suppose
  • spent my whole saturday on a ladder while helping my dad do carpenter things
  • played video games from my childhood and realized how all my favorites tricked me into solving math problems for fun (grr)
  • called my friend just to talk about the french revolution
    • the call lasted an hour (sorry about it)
  • finished a book??? who am i
  • felt overwhelmingly and truthfully in love with School and Learning

Bwog got physical (kind of):

  • entertained the idea of doing a chloe ting workout video
    • that’s as far as i got
  • went on a long walk with a wonderful high school friend!!
    • ran into another high school friend because that Is the hometown vibe!!
  • took a walk downtown and lost all feeling in my hands
  • got dressed up for an album release party over zoom and danced in my apartment for 2 hours

Bwog enjoyed perceiving and being perceived:

  • appreciated my kind and lovely suitemates
  • watched an odd amount of glee.
    • wondered if mr. shuester had any adult friends.
      • decided he didn’t.
  • called my grandparents and felt :)
  • wrote 6 (SIX) poems i actually liked!!
  • was lovingly and incessantly heckled by my aunt
  • spoke with my aunt about our very centrist family
    • sent memes to each other as consolation
  • went to a vintage book store and befriended a tiny dog wearing a faux fur vest
    • her owner, the guy who owns the store, told me the dog’s favorite poet was Shelley
  • pined

vibing with low via Bwog Archives