With so little time and so much to do, it’s surprising what antics Bwog gets up to!

The first week of classes have come and went, and Bwog has some stories to exclaim and vent.

Bwog tried new things (successfully!):

  • learned how to rollerskate (which felt very main character)
  • baked bread for the first time (it was very okay)
  • bought a projector (to watch Broad City on the big screen)
  • spent two hours decorating a room wall (no regrets)
  • asked for “a bunch of leeks” at the store (did not realize how large leeks are)
  • and subsequently made leek soup!
  • started cataloging the various crochet projects to start and the list is………extensive
  • fell in love for the first time!!!

Bwog acted like scholars (somewhat):

  • spent the first week doing too many readings
  • had a number of crises about majors
  • camped out on many waitlists, to no avail
  • did not do the french reading
  • was made fun of in a breakout room for enjoying reading. in a literature class
  • read bad fanfic
  • had a woman email asking for my cv at 6:40 in the morning. do academics sleep at all
  • was awake at 6:40 to receive the email

Bwog felt emotional (for many different reasons):

  • realized how much I enjoy solitude
  • watched ratatouille drunk & almost cried
  • sitting in riverside park staring at the river
  • found earrings I thought I lost forever
  • went grocery shopping with my favorite people in the whole world and wanted so badly to hold them tight but, alas
  • bought some cute pink surgical masks <3
  • got rejected from a research position (but made pancakes)
  • moved to new york!! (home.. <3)

möther via Bwog Archives