GSSC held its first meeting of 2021.

Yesterday, GSSC held their first meeting of the new semester. The meeting was brief—as always, president Jane Jeong (GS’22) started by taking attendance. She also praised her fellow students on their resilience in making it through a “really hard year.” 

The meeting mainly focused on recapping what GSSC achieved in the fall and over winter break. Major achievements in the fall included GSSC work to get the University to accept CARES Act funding, adopting two amendments to their constitution to include more gender neutral language, and meeting students’ needs during the pandemic. 

Jeong also recapped what GSSC did over winter break—worked on a statement regarding the YDSA tuition strike, welcomed the new spring class of 280 students (including Frankie Jonas!), and had meetings for the elections commission appointment committee, which appoints the elections commissioner. 

Vice President of campus life Liam McGrane (GS’24) announced that next week, they will be presenting a calendar of events for the semester.

Jeong also gave a shout out to Vice President of Policy Serengeti Timungwa (GS’23) and the policy team for leading the push to get the University to accept CARES act funding, which will result in millions more dollars for GSSC students.

Lerner via Bwog Archives