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Hello, reader and Bwog’s number one fan! What does the “B” in “Bwog” stand for?

This is a confounding question—one that has perturbed the minds of the greatest philosophers, mathematicians, professors, and scientists of our time. We know what Bwog is, we know what Bwog does, and we know what Bwog itself stands for, yet the ever-looming presence of that first letter haunts the corner of our minds, tapping at the walls of our cerebrums until its elusive meaning is finally revealed to us. Why is the “B” in “Bwog” there? What’s its importance? What does it all mean?

Thankfully, as Bwog’s News Editor, I can assist you in embarking upon your quest to figure out life’s most puzzling questions. By subscribing to our weekly BwogLetter here, you will have access to all my exclusive research and interpretations of the Sacred Texts (alright, the latest Bwog articles).

All wrapped together in a beautiful bow, you will have a hand-picked selection of our favorite articles of the week, news of upcoming events that could possibly cause a great awakening, contact information if you want to communicate with us, cool pictures, and at the end of reviewing all the material, a short summary of what I believe the “B” in “Bwog” stands for.

Once again, if you are passionate about answering life’s most pressing questions, not missing out on Bwog’s best articles, or just making me very happy (that’s equally justifiable as everything listed before), you should subscribe to our weekly BwogLetter. In fact, now that I’ve piqued your curiosity with promising the answer to what the “B” in “Bwog” stands for, I sense that you really want to subscribe to our BwogLetter! You just cannot wait for the first installment of the new year to appear in your inbox this Sunday, January 17.

I trust you want to embark on this journey with me. If you choose to learn what the “B” in “Bwog” stands for, I can only say one thing: excellent choice.

You Want To Subscribe to BwogLetter So Badly via Victoria Borlando