Is anyone surprised that it was a United Airlines plane dropping debris on people?

Happening in the World: Russia has reported the first human case of H5N8 bird flu transmitted from poultry to humans. Those infected were exposed following an outbreak at the poultry plant where they worked. According to Russia’s consumer health watchdog, Anna Popova, there is no sign that this strain of bird flu can pass between humans. Popova hopes the detection of this strain will motivate Russian scientists to develop test systems. (BBC)

Happening in the US: A Honolulu-bound, United Airlines flight had to return to Denver after the plane started dropping debris from the sky. One bystander described the debris as “giant metal pieces all over the place.” The plane also suffered engine failure while in-flight. Thankfully, there are no reported injuries at this time. (CNN)

Happening in NYC: New York lawmakers have introduced a bill that would give non-profit violence interruption groups access to federally-funded resources. The law would include organizations such as Cure Violence whose participants are reformed gang members, hired to defuse tensions between gangs before the violence escalates. The bill would set aside 10% or $10 million of the funds stemming from the state Office of Victims Services, allowing groups access through the application of a grant. The goal of this bill is to allow groups like Cure Violence to expand their programming across the city, in hopes of subduing forms of violence. (Gothamist

Happening in our community: Tomorrow, Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Muslim Societies, in conjunction with the Shabazz Center, is hosting a discussion on Malcolm X’s beliefs surrounding the intersection between Black radical power, Islam, and global anti-imperialism. The goal of the event is to highlight Malcolm X’s vision and carry on his legacy, especially when it comes to decolonizing and revisiting the relationship between Columbia University, Harlem, and the Shabazz Center. The event is from 5:30 pm to 8 pm EST. Register here.

Opening line of the week: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderly again” – Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca.

a plane whose debris has kept to itself via Wikimedia Commons