Five days out from the blizzard, temperatures are warming and Morningside campus is melting! 

Happening in the world: The uprising of Indian farmers in response to austerity measures implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to intensify as protestors plan to stage massive strategic traffic jams all over India today. The U.N., meanwhile, has produced a statement calling for both protestors and the Indian federal government to avoid violence at all costs (Reuters). 

Happening in the US: Former Vice President Mike Pence has announced his role as the host of a new podcast produced in tandem with the conservative youth organization Young America’s Foundation. According to official statements, Pence will be making the case for free markets, individualism, and social conservatism on the program. This is not Pence’s first foray into audio media; in the 1990s he was a talk radio host (The Hill). 

Happening in NYC: An exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum titled “Countryside, The Future” will be departing February 15. The exhibition explores the role that rural spaces play in human development, society, and the environment in the modern world and challenges the notion that complete urbanization is the fate of all of humanity. Reserve timed tickets here (Guggenheim). 

Happening in our Community: Join the Mailman School of Public Health for a conversation, “Optimizing Federal & Local Public Health Systems for Next Pandemic” this Thursday at 11:30 am EST to learn more about how we can better prepare our society for pandemics. It’s open to the public too! Register here.

snowman whose fate is sealed via Bwog Archives