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Student Event Spotlight

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  • On Monday at 12:00 pm, join a  special session of the New York-Russia Public Policy Series, as they consult with leading journalists, academics and communications scholars to analyze the latest political developments, media coverage, and the evolving role of social media in Russia’s protests and opposition. You can find more information about “Navalny and the Kremlin: Politics and Protest in Russia” here.
  • Also on Monday, at 6:15 pm, celebrate Jack Halberstam’s most recent work “Wild Things”. In this talk, Halberstam offers an alternative history of sexuality by tracing the ways in which wildness has been associated with queerness and queer bodies throughout the twentieth century. You can sign up here.
  • On Tuesday at 7:00 pm, Anita Bakshi will lead a media exploration commemorating Indigenous History. Bakshi is an Instructor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University, where she teaches courses on Housing and Open Space Design, Visualization, and Research Methods. More information here
  • On Wednesday at 12:00 pm, Kimberly Springer leads an exploration of the Black Feminist Digital Archive and oral histories. Information on “We Have Been Here Before” can be found here
  • Also on Wednesday at 1:00 pm unwind, relax, and illuminate your own personal coloring book filled with images from rare books and manuscripts in the collections of the Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary. “Color Our Collections” will be held on Zoom.
  • And on Wednesday at 6:00 pm, join Columbia University GSAS Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion and the Earth Institute in Youth Climate Activism in Action!, the second event in the Columbia Climate Conversations Initiative. Focused on youth activism by young women of color in the environmental movement, it will be held on Zoom.

storing history via Pixabay