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On Tuesday at 12:00 pm, join a discussion with Gulnar T. Kendirbai as he talks about his new book, Russian Practices of Governance in Eurasia, which examines the rise of the Russian empire and the spread of Russian rule in Eurasia. He will be joined by Shoshana Keller and Nathaniel Knight, with Alexander Cooley moderating the discussion. Register here.

For all you French speakers, on Wednesday at 1:00, join Jean-Pierre Filiu, Louisa Dris-Aït Hamadouche, and Adlène Meddi for a conversation in French about the Algerian uprising, the movement, and its future, moderated by Madeleine Dobi. Register here.

Also on Wednesday, join six students presenting their research on the history between Columbia University and Brazil going back 160 years at 4:00 pm. Register here.

Thursday has quite a few events. The first is at 12:00 pm, and is a discussion amongst experts about preventing corruption in Armenia, titled “Building a National Integrity System for Prevention of Corruption in Armenia”.  Speakers include Hayukuhi Harutyunan, chairwoman of the Armenian corruption prevention commission. Register here 

The next event on Thursday is a seminar with Dr. Timothy Yu at 4:00 pm on advances in precision medicine. Dr. Yu is an MD-PhD whose laboratory focuses on genome-wide analysis of the genetic determinants of autism and its underlying genomic causes and neurobiological underpinnings. Register here

The final event on Thursday is a discussion of the path ahead for nonprofit policy and advocacy. This is the final event in the 2020 Election Series hosted by the School of Professional studies, and policy experts from the nonprofit sector will analyze next steps and lessons learned from the 2020 election cycle. Register here.

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