Another week passed, hopefully better than the last. But who can say when our lives are constantly being thrown into the fray?

Bwog consumed some media:

  • watched a lot of compilations of One Direction interview moments in an attempt to Feel Something
  • drank tequila sunrises with my suit mates and watched Wanda Vision
  • felt every emotion watching the weeknd perform at the superbowl
  • got my parents addicted to french netflix. if anyone knows how to get them to stop randomly saying “un, deux, trois”, please help.
  • did a princess movie marathon
  • watched the season finale of season 3 of glee twice in a row while studying for orgo with my roommate
  • failed an exam and immediately closed the browser to watch Cher’s One Woman Show of West Side Story (which I had already seen twice that week)
  • spent too many hours listening to the soundtrack of the 1972 children’s programming Free To Be You And Me
  • fell in love with FLOWERS for VASES

Bwog got in touch with our feelings:

  • talked to my best friends for nearly four hours straight on zoom and was genuinely happy for the first time in a long time.
  • felt probably the entire range of human emotions in the span of 12 hours.
  • screamed. a lot. felt cathartic, really.
  • got called out in poetry class for being “very vulnerable”
  • cried over completely incomprehensible physics
  • over shared in a sorority group chat
  • Repressed It All on multiple occasions
  • got to hang out with the best coworkers ever and enjoy human contact for a few hours
  • spent the entire weekend having really long phone conversations with friends, making me feel for the first time in a very long time like were all sitting in the same room. I miss them all a lot but am grateful we spent quality time together <3

Bwog ate really well???:

  • felt reborn at Trader Joe’s
  • made it to Hewitt in time for breakfast today (a feat not usual for my late waking self)
  • went to a grocery store that was having an everything-must-go sale. walking through rows of totally empty shelves was a little apocalyptic, but I did get some superb deals on produce.
  • made vegan queso dip and it was better than real queso >:)
  • had the best dinner of my life!!!!!
  • bought a donut for the first time in 6 years
  • ate about $70 worth of tofu and tofu-related products over the course of about 7 hours
  • bought mug warmer. used mug warmer. changed life forever
  • rang in Sloppy February with many margaritas