With midterms and spring break approaching, let’s take a breath and get ready for something new.

Bwog got to work (or… didn’t):

  • studied for a final I have this week. yes you heard me, a FINAL
  • caught up on assignments I forgot existed, still did not get enough done
  • got so excited about spring break that i cranked out all my midterms due in 6 hours
  • pushed more work out of my body than I thought was possible
  • wrote an obscene amount. still have an obscene amount to go…
  • did less than half the things i needed to get done ahahahahaaaa it’s fine
  • put off all my work
  • wrote and failed to write

Bwog found some reasons to be happy:

  • got wine drunk with my boyfriend’s parents in their basement, finally felt at home for the first time in ages :’))
  • played with a cat for the first time in 2 months and almost cried
  • hijacked a seminar to talk about Brazil <3
  • felt hope again? for the first time in a year?
  • felt accomplished after applying to 1 job
  • took a last minute teaching gig and made shit up about the history of the internet to a group of students

Bwog ate and drank some questionable things:

  • finally shot gunned a white claw successfully!
  • ate half off valentines day chocolate
  • ate junk food for the first time since winter break and my body Did Not Like It
  • had edibles for the first time in years, absolutely demolished some Insomnia cookies as a result
  • actually set dumplings on fire as I was trying to cook them
  • drank copious amounts of earl grey tea all weekend
  • made the best goddamn boozy hot chocolate and i am now very sleepy

Bwog got poetic and experienced life:

  • broke a boy’s heart (also my own)
  • made an adult decision for once
  • read 22-pages of love letters which got really terrible by the end
  • spent an hour washing a bottle of sesame oil so i could add dried flowers to it
  • listened to phoebe bridgers on vinyl and cried
  • read poetry out loud and almost passed out
  • realized I gave a part of me to someone who didn’t want to give anything in return
  • performed in a virtual poetry slam, came in second?

the subway via Pixabay