Snow is falling.. my heart is soaring.. so let’s find out what Bwog did last week!

Bwog did some housework and redecorated:

  • accidentally turned a blue sponge green (with turmeric)
  • washed my sheets! i love being an adult
  • carried 3 cans of paint 17 blocks in below freezing temperatures
    • lost feeling in both my hands
  • made my entire apartment descendants 3 themed with the help of party city and the best roommate ever
  • bought a valentines day squishmallow
  • washed dishes for at least 3 cumulative hours

Bwog felt the love:

  • had my first kiss!
    • and second… and third… and
  • sent a friend two 300+ page pdfs because that is my love language
  • made small talk with someone In Person for the first time in 11 months
    • felt alive due to said small talk
  • saw my boss for the first time in 10 months <3
  • developed a crush on a fictional character for the first time. I’ve never even crushed on a real person before. i don’t know what to do with my feelings.

Bwog drank assorted things:

  • drank a lot of OJ
  • got drunk and texted a bunch
    • got drunk and was stopped from texting
  • drank a LOT of coffee
  • made a scientific figure after a decent amount of wine, about to present said figure in like 20 minutes, wish me luck lmao
  • didn’t get carded at Internatty’s on two (2) separate occasions

Bwog felt cold (inside and out):

  • took some long, cold walks
  • cried on the street at 1:30 am alone
  • wallowed in existential dread
  • broke my phone screen. cried very very very hard!
  • started seeing snow and taking note of where wind scouring/drifting was. Then I remembered I am in New York fucking city and do not have to think about avalanches
  • felt deeply unsupported by my TA

snowwww via Bwog Archives