Now that the holiday of love is over, it’s time to look back fondly at our week and think about what went as hoped, and what went… not so as hoped.

Bwog celebrated Valentine’s Day:

  • took a gloriously platonic walk on Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day was going great until I talked to the b*y I liked during a meeting and then I watched Someone Great and cried <3
  • felt major love for my major (and not the french one!! the stats one! wow!)
  • spent all of valentine’s day writing a paper. Love was not in the air
  • spent too long picturing a future with someone I’ve never spoken to irl
  • thrifted with friends and realized my feelings for someone are deeper than I thought
  • redownloaded Neko Atsume
  • got a houseplant and the maternal instincts immediately kicked in (I now know proper succulent care more than I know the material for my midterms)

Bwog watched a lot of stuff and listened to some music:

  • watched a lot of Golden Globe nominated movies…there are really only two good ones lmao
  • watched two movies about World War II and finally felt like I Understood America
  • drank white wine with elderflower liqueur while watching victorious and reflected upon the irony of the situation
  • watched a lot of call my agent! and proceeded to talk to myself in french for the rest of the weekend! (c’est vrai)
  • organized all my spotify playlists by theme and color scheme like some kind of weirdo
  • tried to manifest cobra starship getting back together…truly ahead of its time…pain

Bwog interacted with friends, loves, and enemies:

  • had a lil dance party with my suitemates
  • cut off 12 inches of my own hair
    • cut off 12 inches of my friends hair
  • actually confronted someone about them going across like every boundary ever and it felt good
  • had dreams about a friend I haven’t seen since middle school for three nights in a row.
  • got paid to bully andrew cuomo
  • remembered that in order to have a social life, you have to actually talk to people. Did not talk to people

valentines day via Pixabay