The prototypical college dorm experience, right above Milano.

Location: 562 W 113th Street

Nearby dorms: Watt, Nuss, frat row, Broadway, and Carman

Nearby stores & restaurants: Junzi, Wu and Nussbaum, Milano, Tom’s, and everything else on Broadway.

Cost: All upperclass housing is $4,738/semester.


  • Bathrooms: Each floor has a large public bathroom that may or may not be disgusting; supposedly they are cleaned every weekday. There are also seven spacious private bathrooms on each floor.
  • AC/Heating: Every room has a radiator. Shaft rooms also have A/C, as a preemptive apology for the Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Kitchen: Each floor’s lounge has a kitchen with a stove, oven, and microwave. Again, supposedly cleaned five times a week.
  • Lounge: Each floor has a large lounge that is a pretty good space to hang out.
  • Laundry: There are 12 washers and dryers on the first floor, and they reportedly work pretty well.
  • Computers/Printing: First floor has a small computer lounge and printing.
  • Fire Escapes: Nah.
  • Gym: There is a meager workout room on the fourth floor.
  • Bike storage: What?
  • Transportation: Two elevators that are only marginally faster than climbing the scaffolding and going in your window.
  • Flooring: hardwood in the rooms, carpet in the hallways.

Room variety:

  • 175 Doubles ranging from 182 to 268 square feet. Everything 230 and larger is on the bottom 3 floors, and they tend to go fast.
  • 41 Singles ranging from 117 to 178 square feet. The big rooms are rare and almost always given to RAs, so don’t expect anything larger than 130 square feet.
  • Rooms on the air shaft get very little natural light, especially on the lower floors, and are uncomfortably close to their window neighbors on the opposite side. They do have A/C though, so that’s nice.


  • Doubles: The cutoff was 10/2941 in 2019 and 10/2998 in 2018. If you want a double here, you’ll get it.
  • Singles: The cutoff was 10/1385 in 2018.

Bwog recommendations:

McBain is a dorm. If you think of the prototypical college dorm, that’s pretty much McBain. The shared spaces range in condition from nearly biohazardous to actually pretty decent, the rooms are a decent size, and people are in such abundance that you can have a social life without really trying that much. The elevators are only half-a-tier below dumbwaiters in terms of efficiency and speed. The main concern is the shaft, where the rooms will deny you sunlight and privacy. 

Resident opinions:

“They have a cool lobby.”

“It’s chill, just buy plenty of Febreeze and use the bathroom elsewhere when you can.”

“If you live here, please don’t puke in the showers.”

the mcbain lobby
Totally normal college dorm lobby
Please don’t puke here
See, it’s really not that bad
The “workout room”
Get lamps if you’ll be in the shaft