It is never too late to find the blog that changes your life, so long as that blog is Bwog.

You were at Bwog’s Open Meeting around 9 pm 

When I met you

I picked you out, I read your posts, and turned you around 

Turned you into a Bwogger too 

Now five posts later on you’ve got events at your feet 

Coverage has been so easy for you 

You never forget to add a period when you Tweet 

And you remind everybody too 

Don’t, don’t you love Bwog? 

You know I love it when you say you’re free to cover breaking

Don’t, don’t you love Bwog?

You know I love it when you say you’re free to attend training 

It’s not too late to find 

The blog that’s changed your life 

I hope you write for Bwog, or we will both be sorry 

Don’t you want to meet Bwog?

Don’t you want to, ohh? 

Don’t you want to meet Bwog? 

Don’t you want to, ohh?

Come meet me at tonight’s Open Meeting at 9 pm EST. Yes, I’ll be there, in the Zoom flesh, and maybe I’ll even sing (no) this live. Please email for the Zoom link! 

The Human League via Wikimedia Commons