Apparently, it is really hard to just not go to Florida for spring break during a pandemic.

Happening in the World: Beijing, the capital of China, experienced its worst sandstorm in the past decade on Monday, leaving 12 provinces covered in dust and with air pollution levels up to 160 times the limit recommended by the World Health Organization. According to a Greenpeace activist, the sandstorm is a result of industrial activity and desertification (BBC).

Happening in the US: 100 people have been arrested in Florida’s Miami Beach this past weekend, with some arrests being for seizure of drugs and weapons. Florida does not allow for local enforcement to fine people who do not wear masks, despite being a hotspot destination for spring break. Since Friday, Florida has reported over 5,000 additional COVID-19 cases (CNN).

Happening in NYC: New data from the city’s Independent Budget Office shows that during the pandemic, attendance rates have fallen below what education experts find acceptable. Black and brown communities are seeing the largest number of these drops, raising concern about access to technology and the lack of clear class scheduling and attendance policies. The Department of Education plans on hiring 150 social workers to support these communities (Gothamist).

Happening in our Community: The SPS Office of Student Life is holding the panel discussion “Unpacking the Black Superwoman Syndrome” on Tuesday, March 16th at 1 pm. The discussion will focus on how to make black women feel empowered and uplifted, with an inclusive definition of women that welcomes trans women, genderqueer women, and nonbinary people. To register, click here.

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