No more Uber helicopters.

Happening in the World: Switzerland banned the use of face coverings in public in a referendum on Sunday. The campaign, which predates the pandemic and facial covering requirements in Switzerland, was started by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party and meant to target Muslim women and street protestors (BBC).

Happening in the US: The Georgia Senate will vote on a voting rights bill today that would repeal no-excuse absentee voting, among other election related bills. If passed, voters would only be able to vote absentee if they have certain physical or work related excuses, and they would be required to submit a copy of identification in order to vote absentee (CNN).

Happening in NYC: City legislators plan on reintroducing legislation today that aims to decrease helicopter traffic and noise pollution across the five boroughs. The bill would limit helicopter flight in the city except for cases of public safety or construction, seeking to end non-essential tourist use of helicopters and police deployment of helicopters (Gothamist).

Happening in our Community: Appointment times based on lottery numbers will become available on the Columbia housing portal on Thursday, March 11th. Room selection will begin online next Monday, March 15th. To explore different housing options for next year, click here.

Film of the Week: The Way He Looks (dir. by Daniel Ribeiro)

king cat via Pixabay