This week, ESC reviewed the draft of a proposal to the SEAS Committee on Instruction (COI) regarding this summer’s credit limit.

The proposal reviewed at this week’s ESC meeting is based on ESC’s survey results and features three tiers. Ideally, council members hope that the COI will extend this year’s credit limit from 40 to 42 credits. 41.9% of survey respondents indicated that the current credit limit is the reason they are unable to take summer courses. ESC believes that extending the credit limit would promote equity and enable students to thrive emotionally and academically. 

If the COI cannot make this accommodation, the second tier of the proposal encourages the university to eliminate the 6 credit limit minimum for summer housing and financial aid. Since this limit was introduced after students had already registered for summer courses, it forces students to reconsider their plans and prevents students with credits to spare from taking summer courses.

And, if the COI cannot help remove the 6 credit minimum for summer housing and financial aid, ESC’s proposal requests additional flexibility for SEAS students to take summer courses at local, more affordable institutions. 

After reviewing the wording and minutiae of the proposal at this week’s general body meeting, ESC members including Student Body President Estevan Mesa (‘22) plan to present the proposal to the COI. Mesa also may discuss a potential linguistics minor at the meeting.

This past weekend, ESC’s eboard held a meeting. The eboard members discussed future SEAS merchandise giveaways, what the class of 2021 can expect for future graduation related programming, and potentially distributing unused lab kit materials to schools in the NYC area.

The current council is nearing the end of its term. The bulk of the council elections have concluded, and council turnover will occur in the next few weeks.

Lerner via Bwog Archives