What is Field Notes without food and friends?

Bwog spent time with loved ones:

  • hung out with high school friends :))
  • flashed many many many people in the lawns while attempting a cartwheel
  • listened to my french professor go on and on about human centipede while I cruised through Duane Reade
  • saw my best friend from high school, Felt Seen <3
  • made drinks all night for Someone Very Special and got So Very Drunk
  • went to the beach and lost feeling in my toes because the water was so cold

Bwog enjoyed some food:

  • had 3 Passover seders in 2 days. I am tired.
  • broke vegetarian diet for matzo ball soup while celebrating passover for the first time with my best friends. it was absolutely fucking worth it!!!!!!!!
  • went to John Jay a distressing amount
  • got angry about the absurdly high price of walnuts! wtf!
  • got a food processor for free!
  • tried some oatmilk smores ice cream and it was great
  • had a john jay burger that was mind blowing

riverside park via Bwog Archives