Spring has sprung, and the week is done. Let’s feel our hearts bloom with love for those we cherish and those whom we still await meeting, but will care for with all our beings.

Bwog took care of our physical and mental and environmental health:

  • got contact traced and quarantined :(
  • went to CityMD by myself for the first time, felt like an adult
  • did some Hard Drugs (read: melatonin) and had really vivid fucked up dreams
  • cleaned the bathroom for 3 hours while talking about love and vulnerability on the phone with my best friend
  • photosynthesized on the lawn
  • (finally) did a little cleaning
  • gave the pet rats a bath! they hated it (one of them literally jumped out of the sink onto the floor) but they are no longer stinky <3
  • realized again how cool and interesting all my friends are (and that I’d do anything to hang out with them in person….)
  • listened to mitski while upside down in bed for no good reason
  • spent so much time on the lawns and felt happy and warm and only got a little sunburnt

Bwog consumed™:

  • had soup on low steps in the middle of the afternoon
  • made avgolemono soup
  • had pancakes of different varieties for breakfast and lunch because I am technically an adult so nobody can stop me
  • had $8 moscato and returned to my old habit of the drunk first draft
  • rediscovered the beauty of a john jay breakfast
  • made the perfect white wine risotto that I can’t stop thinking about.
  • got dim sum and was a lil sad bc vegetarian dim sum is just Not As Good
  • ate very good banana pancakes
  • watched a movie about an Iranian vampire falling in love, and it made my heart very, very happy!
  • watched a 2 hour 40 minute long movie about a sex cult starring tom cruise and nicole kidman

Bwog had some special moments:

  • rode the train, wept, and remembered why the train is literally my favorite thing ever
  • worked on an incredibly impossible puzzle with a friend
  • declared my major !!!!!!
  • called my dad for Life Advice
  • celebrated persian new year!
  • got a extreme haircut in the Lewison bathroom 
  • did a Very Bad Thing (possibly catch feelings for a b*y) at an inconvenient time. I simply will never address that again!
  • studied in the Milstein green chairs Twice! it was excellent
  • spent every possible hour outside in a hammock
  • felt incredibly happy and sappy for a full afternoon

the milstein green chairs via Bwog Archives