If only we got more than one week… if only.

Bwog experienced the highs and lows of love:

  • simped
  • left a cute waiter my number
  • was full of love the whole week!!!!!!!!! i love my friends
  • had a very long conversation about music with one of my best friends and felt Genuine Human Connection :,)
  • baked for my friends!!! you wish you were me!!!
  • hung out with a Father Figure for the first time in Months
  • hung out in person with my friends for the first time all semester (safely ofc!) and things felt (almost) back to normal again
  • essentially got rejected by the boy I like(d) at Hungarian
  • the man who was leading me on finally ended it

Bwog went out in public (safely):

  • went to MoMa and my friend and I had a running commentary about the ridiculous modern art
  • went to the Whitney and got donuts at Chelsea market after
  • walked the Brooklyn Bridge at night in the rain
  • went on a boat!!! I love the NYC ferry!!!
  • cried in the bathroom of an art studio because tattoos are expensive, cried again afterwards bc the artist decided to give me a huge discount :’))
  • climbed around a spooky old house!
  • felt like a happy happy lizard at low
  • finally went to the boujee flower cafe, REMI on the east side (it was really good)
  • thrifted in Brooklyn

Bwog consumed many substances:

  • destroyed my liver beyond recognition
  • had a midnight dance party and bread-making party with my roommates
  • drank. A lot
  • got plastered and spoke for 5 minutes uninterrupted as to why cardinals (and all birds for that matter) are adorable and cool
  • read the first summer housing update in a park and almost screamed into my hummus bowl
  • took bday edibles & vibed at the aquarium
  • did shrooms in central park & felt the spirit of jacqueline kennedy onassis
  • remembered that oatmeal existed
  • made some really great pancakes

Bwog met a celebrity:

  • met Tyler, the Creator who lied to my face (in a fun way)

flowers flowers flowers via Pixabay