Wishing you all a very not getting the two of pentacles reversed.

Bwog enjoyed golden hour to the fullest:

  • spent golden hour in a hammock in riverside with my bf & champagne. felt extremely content :))
  • laid in the sun like the cold-blooded reptile I am
  • absolutely basked in the sun like a cactus or maybe lizard
    • forsook my homework because of aforementioned sunbathing
  • enjoyed the beautiful weather with wonderful friends! I have not felt more alive
  • felt warm and safe and happy and held for an afternoon

Bwog schoolwork had successes and struggles:

  • bullshitted my way through teaching for an hour, then my students asked for more lessons (success?)
  • cold-emailed many people, felt good about it
  • read lovely jazz poems on some very long train rides. failed to submit the paper i was supposed to write on one of them
  • sobbed about school but tried to remember that i am Doing My Best and only have a month of this torture left
  • didn’t do a single goddamn thing that i needed to do
  • appreciated my history TA So Much!
  • did not appreciate my French professor

Bwog ate:

  • safely ate dinner with my grandma!
  • went to john jay for the first time since the semester started and it’s kind of amazing?
  • finally returned to JJ’s after a spring break-induced hiatus. Felt like coming home ❤️
  • ate an obscene quantity of candied ginger
  • ate my first sleeve of saltines! not on the floor though
  • got bubble tea and then got high in Riverside and watched the sun set :)
  • ate McDonalds for the first time in years (it was gross)

Bwog appreciated art and love and intuition:

  • Got new watercolor pencils and did lots of watercolor
  • Saw one of my goats on facetime and felt happy bc even if he is dumb as a rock and was confused by it he is an absolute cutie
  • understood what phoebe bridgers meant when she sang “whatever you want me to do i will do / whatever she wants, whatever she wants”
  • watched the third pirates of the caribbean movie; it’s too damn long but the last hour is the pinnacle of human cinematic achievement
  • repotted my plant. She’s getting big!!
  • bought a guitar… if you have tips pls hum
  • had a fellow bwogger read my tarot cards which raised so many new questions
  • got absolutely read by tarot cards… I have a lot of thinking to do

tarot via Pixabay