On Tuesday night, GSSC discussed the election schedule, upcoming events, and creative ways to access forms.

In its usual manner, Tuesday’s GSSC meeting began when President Jane Jeong (GS’22) called the meeting to order and presented the Council with four opening remarks.

First, Jeong went over election information, adding that additional details could be found in the GSSC newsletter. The intent-to-run submission deadline is this upcoming Thursday, March 25th at 11:59pm EST. Next week the Council will be hosting two GSSC rules meetings for all those who plan on running. These meetings will happen on Monday, March 29th and Wednesday, March 31st at 8pm EST and the link can be found in the GSSC newsletter. Additionally, candidate platforms are due on Friday, April 2nd to the GSSC Election Commission. GSSC debates are going to be held on Tuesday, April 6th at 8:15pm EST in lieu of the last Council meeting of the year.

Second, Jeong announced that she was going to motion to allocate $200 for the Election Commission–a proposal submitted by the Commission–and that questions could be asked during New Business regarding the money allocation motion.

Jeong then expressed her appreciation for the Council’s discussions on anti-Asian discrimination during last week’s Executive Session. Jeong stated that she hopes the Council will brainstorm material ways to address anti-Asian discrimination and discrimination more generally.

Last, Jeong congratulated Student Council Veteran Representative Tony Costanzo (GS’23) on his newly elected position as President of Columbia’s MilVets Club.

With no Policy, Communications, or Finance Committee updates, the Council moved on to the Campus Life Committee where VP of Campus Life Liam McGrane (GS’24) announced many upcoming events. Over the next month there will be a Women’s poetry reading at the end of the month on Discord, a mental health check-in at the end of the month, a town hall with ODS on April 5th, an Interfaith panel on April 6th, and a Food Pantry event sometime in April.

The Council then moved on to New Business, where President Jeong made a motion to allocate $200 for the Election Commission. This was a proposal submitted by the Commission, and Commissioners Dave Johnson and Tyler Franklin attended the meeting to answer the Council’s questions. Franklin explained that since everything is virtual, there is currently zero spending by the Elections Commission. This $200 would allow the few candidates who want to create candidacy materials to submit reimbursement forms. Franklin also clarified that GSSC would get the money back if it isn’t used. At this point, President Jeong noticed that the GSSC budget listed a required $147.64 budget allocation from the President’s discretionary allocation to the Elections Commission allocation. With this in mind, Jeong rescinded her first motion and motioned to allocate $52.36 from the GSSC budget instead (adding up to the requested $200). The motion passed.

From this, the Council transitioned to Communications from the Floor where there was an announcement of an upcoming study abroad information session.

In Public Comment, a GS student notified the Council of an issue with accessing the intent-to-run form. A councilmember suggested that the student try accessing the form using Chrome Incognito Mode and if that didn’t work to contact President Jeong.

With that, the Council motioned to move into Executive Session.

Meeting Minutes are available for Tuesday night’s meeting.

Campus via Bwog Archives