I’m not saying I’m judging you for all your choices but… I’m judging you for all your choices.

Hi juniors in Columbia and 5-person groups in Barnard! Let’s talk. You all certainly made some choices—ones I probably wouldn’t have made had I gotten your lottery number (for people choosing first on Monday, can we trade?). Is it my personal preference? Well, for now I’ll just say thank you to the people who willingly chose McBain singles; at least you didn’t occupy the dorm rooms I wanted.

But, why stop there? Why not just review the whole day (and our live housing Twitter thread) just to judge what choices (which can be seen through our 2021 housing reviews) everyone made? Let’s begin:

Columbia Edition:

What’s Gone:

  • The last two studio doubles in 548 W 113th Street. Au revoir, 548 W 113th Street!

What’s Scarce:

  • 3 Carlton Arms singles
  • 1 5-person Claremont suite
  • 1 6-person Claremont suite
  • 1 6-person Harmony suite
  • 3 6-person Ruggles suites
  • 2 6-person Plimpton suites
  • 4 Harmony doubles (all the doubles)

What’s Left:

  • 143 Schapiro singles
  • 120 Wien singles
  • 75 Broadway singles
  • 40 Furnald singles
  • 37 Harmony singles
  • 13 McBain Singles
  • 34 Watt studio doubles
  • 61 600 W 113th Street (“Nuss”) doubles
  • 36 Broadway doubles
  • 38 Carlton Arms doubles
  • 7 EC doubles
  • 176 McBain doubles
  • 84 Schapiro doubles
  • 39 Wien doubles
  • 8 5-person EC suites
  • 10 7-person Claremont suites
  • 7 8-person Ruggles suites

Looking Ahead:

Juniors, don’t worry; chances are that you won’t have to resort to the traditional, corridor-doubles just yet, especially since there will be some larger suites and many singles available. If you’re a junior picking on the last day of junior housing (next Wednesday), and you really want a single, then maybe show some dorms like McBain (yes, rising juniors can’t escape McBain just yet) some love! Of course, based on the numbers, Schapiro and Wien could be your home too. For rising sophomores, there’s a glimmer of hope for a single! Maybe even a suite! It might be too early to tell, and like always, lotteries are sometimes very surprising.

Barnard Edition:

Overall, there were 30 fewer groups picking into the 5-person lottery this year and much fewer senior groups, which meant some of the more desirable housing (all single suites) went to some lucky mixed junior-senior groups. Furthermore, Cathedral Gardens went super late, when it is typically an upperclassmen dorm and highly sought after. It looks like the walk to campus was too daunting for some.

How Do You Interpret the Cutoffs? It’s Group Value/Lottery Number. So, for example, 200/73 means that you are a group of all rising juniors with a lottery number of 73 overall.

Looking Ahead:

The 6-person suites lottery, which has the most groups, starts on Tuesday (March 30), and that’s the largest suite lottery this year. We can use last year’s cutoffs for reference, but we’ve already seen some shake ups from last year, potentially due to the smaller number of senior groups. Barnard students have until Monday at 10 am EST to choose their 6-person suites. After the 6-person lottery concludes, the 123 will begin next Friday. Finally, for the unlucky rising sophomores or anyone who doesn’t pick in the 123, you will be put on guaranteed housing (which sucks but usually ends up fine).

And that’s it for the week! See you next week with even more live updates on the 2021 Housing Lottery.

No More Brownstones via Bwog Archives