No chaos yet, but we’re waiting for the ball to drop…

Today was day two of Columbia’s room selection, and I’m already exhausted! Am I even picking my room this week? No! Alas, Bwog carries on through the inevitable mess and confusion that is Columbia Housing to keep you in the loop about where you’ll (hopefully) be living come Fall 2021: check in with our daily housing coverage and our ongoing Twitter thread for painless updates on this painful process. 

Similar to yesterday, only lucky rising seniors were picking today. The true despair has not yet set in, but we know it’s coming (looking at you, poor rising sophomores!) While today’s seniors probably secured their top choices, we might not all be so fortunate, so keep a weary eye on Columbia’s live ticker and pour over Bwog’s lovely housing reviews to make a list of your top three… or five… or ten choices while you wait for your turn!

What’s gone:

  • All studio singles in Watt and the brownstones are looong gone!

What’s scarce:

  • 2 four-person suites in EC (with RA cuties)
  • 1 three-person suite in EC (with RA)
  • 2 three-person suites in 47 Claremont
  • 1 two-person, 6 four-person, and 4 five-person suites in Hogan

What’s left:

  • Lots of good stuff!! None of the buildings are close to being full yet, aside from maybe Hogan!
  • Out of the most popular senior dorms:
    • 2 two-person (with RA), 6 four-person, 1 five-person and 1 six-person, and 10 seven-person suites in Claremont!
    • 8 studio doubles in 548 West 113
    • 15 corridor singles in 600 West 113 (Nuss)
    • 5 studio doubles and 5 three-person suites in 627 West 115
    • 10 two-person, 1 three-person, 2 four-person, 46 five-person, and 32 six-person suites in EC
    • 53 corridor singles in River
    • Everything in Ruggles (?!)
    • 53 studio doubles, 12 two-person 1 BR and 2 two-person 2 BR in Watt
    • 69 two-person 1 BR suites in Woodbridge

Looking ahead: So far, options are still pretty open! It’s looking like Hogan will probably fill up soon, and the smaller EC suites will be snatched up. However, there are still an abundance of larger suites and corridor singles, and surprisingly, no one has touched Ruggles yet! There were seemingly no big upsets today, and let’s try to keep this calmness and predictability going when the buffet of tasty housing starts to look a little picked over later in the week!

Just reminding y’all that Ruggles exists… via Bwog Archives