Seniors still have a lot of good choices, but the pickings are getting slimmer.

And with the wave of his magic wand, PrezBo has conjured an official (tentative) in-person Fall 2021! Room selection feels all the more real now, and we’re in the middle of it. Don’t let it overwhelm you, though, because we’ve dug deep into the depths of publicly-available spreadsheets to bring you the current standings for each dorm. At the moment, seniors are still in the driver’s seat. My eyes are getting a little sweaty watching all those Claremont suites slip away… 

As always, keep an eye out for more daily housing selection roundups and our accompanying Twitter thread as well as Columbia’s live housing tracker to stay up to date! Also, don’t forget to check out our housing reviews for all the specs on the lovely buildings you’ll call home for a year. 

What’s gone:

  • No more studio singles in Watt or the Brownstones. R.I.P.!

What’s scarce:

  • ONE (1!) four-person suite in Hogan. After that, everything’s gone in that building! 
  • Only 2 two-person suites, 2 four-person suites, and 8 corridor doubles are left in EC. 
  • As for suites in Claremont, only 2 two-person, ONE (1!) three-person, 6 four-person, ONE (1!) five-person, and ONE (1!) six-person are left. 
  • Only ONE (1!) two-person suite, ONE (1!) three-person suite, and 5 four-person suites are left in Ruggles.

What’s left:

  • Watt: 53 studio doubles and 11 two-person suites
  • River: 38 corridor singles
  • EC: 44 five-person suites and 28 six-person suites
  • Ruggles: 7 six-person suites and 13 eight-person suites
  • Woodbridge: 62 two-person suites
  • 548 W 113th: 8 studio doubles
  • 627 W 115th: 5 studio doubles
  • 600 W 113th (aka Nuss): 12 corridor singles and 68 corridor doubles

Looking ahead: 

Singles and small suites are selling like hotcakes. It’s starting to get real! Watt and Woodbridge are your go-tos for doubles, and EC is your go-to if you’ve got a big group of pals. Happy house hunting! 

An aerial view of Columbia’s campus via Bwog Archives