It’s never too late to show you care!

Ever since I began writing the Bwog Weather column a year ago, fans have been clamoring for my advice on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day a year and a month after it’s passed. I have held off on the matter for so long in large part to focus on unlearning Judo.

However, with a year and a month after Valentine’s Day soon approaching, I decided last week to collect my thoughts on the best ways you and your SO can have a year and a month after Valentine’s Day that you’ll remember for months.

What follows, of course, is not an exhaustive list, and I welcome you to leave your own ideas below. Just note that comments will be graded on a scale of check minus, check, and check plus.

Without further ado, my advice:

  • Tell your SO that you love him/her as much as you did on Valentine’s Day, if not more.
  • Take your SO out on a romantic date.
  • Pretend that you don’t know that it is a year and a month after Valentine’s Day, and act all surprised when your SO brings it up. Then, at high noon, surprise your SO with the One Year And A Month After Valentine’s Day chocolates, cards, and flowers that you ordered right after Valentine’s Day.
  • Commission a mariachi band to play for your SO between lunch and dinner.
  • Before you go to the supermarket, ask if you should pick anything up for your SO.
  • Keep in mind that in some cultures, celebrating Valentine’s Day too long after the fact is forbidden. To avoid any misunderstandings, ask your SO every day after Valentine’s Day whether they are looking forward to a year and a month after Valentine’s Day.
  • You can never go wrong treating your SO to an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet at Andy’s™, now only $13.99*!
  • If it is snowing outside, you can make a snowman and then drink hot chocolate together.

*Jam not included.

Grey’s Anatomy via NIH

Valentine’s Day Art Thing via Pixabay

Mariachi Band via Wikimedia Commons

Breakfast via Wikimedia Commons