Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day safely this year from your dorm room, apartment, or your childhood home!

In case you haven’t heard, we’re still living through a pandemic, which means parties and parades are not responsible options to celebrate carefree, commercialized holidays. Here’s how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while staying safe:


Wake up bright and early and put your greatest, greenest fit on. Next, move to your common area/living room/single and pretend to mess it up like a leprechaun. Turn over chairs, take down any pictures hanging on the walls, and add green food coloring to the milk for a morning surprise.

Beware: your room mates may be upset with you and you will have clean up after The Leprechauns. Bright side? You can pinch your room mates—and only your room mates because of COVID-19—if they aren’t wearing green.


In the afternoon, walk to your nearest deli or pub and order corned beef and cabbage for take-out. Be sure to tip your server—they’re going to be busy today! This traditional meal comes with slices of corned beef, boiled cabbage (tastier than it sounds), and small round potatoes. Eat it in the comfort of your own home.

On your way back, you may want to stop by McDonald’s for their specialty Shamrock Shake or make this boozy version on your own.


By now, you’re probably feeling exhausted by today’s shenanigans. You’ve earned a quick nap. Once you wake up, it’s time for dinner! Enjoy the best Irish food known the humankind—potatoes in any form.

For the 21+ crowd, you may want to break out the food coloring again and make a series of green drinks: like green beer and green mimosas. If you’re feeling brave, you can message your crush “send the kiss emoji—I’m Irish.”

After a long day of celebration, the last thing you want to do is remember how lucky you are, and how much you mean to this world. This year has been extremely rough, and if it is too hard to feel lucky, then I’m going to be wishing you the best of luck for the next year. Remember, there’s always a rainbow after a storm (and maybe with a pot of gold).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

Corned beef & cabbage via Flickr