Kat should’ve gone to Barnard.

I hate the way Lerner looks without scaffolding,

and the way that construction drowns out my voice in Mudd.

I hate the way John Jay drink machines are always down,

I hate it when the lawns are closed.

I hate your big dumb penis fountains,

and the way we’re not allowed to fill them with dish soap.

I hate the smell of Dig Inn so much it makes me sick,

it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way Ira Katznelson always acts like he’s right,

I hate it how Prezbo makes others give bad news to stay out of the limelight.

I hate it when you make reading week into reading weekend,

even worse when you tell me I can’t pass/fail during spring AND summer.

I hate it that this year had so many restrictions,

and the fact you cut spring semester short.

But mostly, I hate the way I don’t hate you…

actually, yes, I do.

prezbo stiles edit by Bwog Staff