“Reading” weekend continues as we all actually listen to “Kanye West – flashing Lights ( 432hz) Slowed + reverbon repeat instead.

Bwogline: Republican Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14), Paul Gosar (AZ-04), and Matt Gaetz (FL-01) have announced that they will be forming an “America First Caucus” dedicated to upholding “Anglo-Saxon” values. An official platform for the group will be released soon, according to staffers for Ms. Greene. Democratic Congressman Don Beyer (VA-08) took to Twitter to dub this new group the “White Supremacist Caucus.” (Reuters)

Study Tip: Go. To. Your. Review. Sessions. Do nothing else to prepare for your exams if you want, I care not, but if your professor, TA, or instructor is offering a review session, go. It can literally only help you. 

Music of the Day: Aside from “Kanye West – flashing Lights ( 432hz) Slowed + reverb”, if you’re having trouble fighting loneliness, check out Wilco’s “How to Fight Loneliness” from their incredible and painfully intimate 1999 album Summerteeth. Hint: the answer involves making a certain facial expression. 

Procrastination Tip: Action flicks from legendary Hong Kong director John Woo have been my number one mental escape during exam season. Quentin Tarantino tears whole chapters out of this guy’s playbook. I suggest starting with A Better Tomorrow followed by the equally formidable A Better Tomorrow II. Then head on to Hard Boiled. Next on my list is The Killer

Overseen/Overheard: An image of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) appears if you Google “longest time without peeing.” 

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