The Penelope Scott lyric “I feel so stupid” is my finals motto.

Bwogline: The Duke of Edinburgh was laid to rest yesterday at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. While 730 members of the armed forces were present for the funeral procession, only 30 mourners could enter the Chapel under COVID-19 restrictions; Her Majesty The Queen sat alone. A ceremonial gun fire took place across the UK and in Gibraltar to signal the beginning and end of a minute of silence honoring Prince Philip’s life. In respect of this national moment of silence, no planes landed or took off at Heathrow for six minutes. (BBC

Study Tip: Using a kettle, boil water on the stove and study while the water heats up. Once the water has boiled, make a pot of loose-leaf tea (preferably something fruity) and study while it steeps for about an hour or so. Once an hour has passed, pour yourself a glass of tepid tea and pop a few ice cubes in to make it ~iced~. Now you have a delicious treat to reward yourself with after an hour of hard work. 

Music of the Day: “Rät” by Penelope Scott. Don’t worry, it’s not about a rat—just Elon Musk. After listening to the song, I felt compelled to sign up for Data Structures…so, yeah.

Procrastination Tip: Watch Hell’s Kitchen! You can procrastinate by watching the show and then procrastinate a second time by talking extensively about the show with me. Season 10 is the best. 

Overseen/Overheard: After seeing a political science textbook reference The Vampire Diaries, a friend asked “If you become a vampire at age 12 do you still get to age or will you look 12 forever? To be honest I wouldn’t mind looking like how I looked at 12 forever.” Well, I would.

Grimes’s partner via Flickr