Look at them thriving. We’ll get out of quarantine eventually…

Bwogline: For the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic over a year ago, Australian and New Zealand residents are able to transport between countries without any period of quarantine. COVID-19 rates have been held low in the two countries, and although Australia allowed some travelers from New Zealand without quarantine, New Zealand maintained stricter guidelines until now.

Study Tip: Get out of your space. Even if it’s just into the next room over, but if you have a nice park nearby that you could study in it’s even better. Pop on some music to have in the background and play the same music every time you study, so that your brain will associate those sounds with Study Time.

Music of the Day: She’s So Gone from Lemonade Mouth. Always makes me believe I can move forward through the darkness.

Procrastination Tip: If you’re going to procrastinate, make it as productive as possible. Set up a to-do list of relaxing things and people to talk to and accomplish them all—when you inevitably don’t do your work, at least you’ll be able to look back at all of the fun you had.

Overseen/Overheard: Screaming. Lots of screaming. At midnight. Primal scream went well I guess!

bords via Pixabay