Can’t we just plug up the leak with a little sticker like you do with pool inflatables? No? Life doesn’t work like that?

Happening in the World: Militants from al-Shabab who had invaded and raided the Mozambique town Palma have reportedly lost control of the town, according to Mozambique’s military. The town’s hospital, commercial banks, and state prosecutor’s office were all destroyed. Now that they have regained control, residents who had fled during tensions are returning, and the gas plant run by Total, an energy giant, is secure (BBC).

Happening in the US: A large wastewater reservoir leak near Tampa Bay has forced 300 homes to be evacuated and caused a highway to be closed. The reservoir holds legacy process water and storm water runoff as well as phosphorus and nitrogen from a phosphate plant, but the biggest concern is flooding of the surrounding area. A state of emergency was announced on Saturday (BBC).

Happening in NYC: Joe Biden’s current plan for jobs and infrastructure might be allocating over $40 billion for public housing, but there is a rising goal with some democrats to strive for $70 billion instead. Rep. Ritchie Torres, from the Bronx, supports this move. He explained that backlog repairs in NYC alone amount to $40 billion, which is how much the entire country is suggested to receive currently. The next step is to get Congressional leaders to agree to increase funds (Gothamist).

Happening in our Community: The Earth Institute is holding a Sustain What? event today, Monday April 5th, at 4 pm to discuss an upcoming summer event in Vermont focusing on climate action and youth involvement. To attending the session, click here.

Film of the Week: The Conjuring (dir. by Michael Chaves)

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