For CCSC’s final meeting of the semester, not only was a Religion Representative appointed, but there was also the passing of an ID Task Force proposal and some entertaining Paper Plate Awards!

This week’s meeting was certainly bittersweet for many reasons: seniors leaving, newly elected Eboard members celebrating their new roles, and of course now I will have no one to spend my Sunday evenings with on Zoom! Despite it being the last meeting of the semester, CCSC as per usual packed in the agenda items and accomplished a lot in an hour.

The Religion Representative appointment committee (comprised of Senator Ramsay Eyre (CC ’21), Race and Ethnicities Representative Colby King (CC ’22), and FGLI Representative Jaine Archambeau (CC ’21)) narrowed down the applicants to four finalists who each presented a short speech to the general body before voting. Candidate Mohammad Khalil (CC ’23) gave an impressively detailed outline of his plans if elected and shared that he is a multi-faith group leader at Earl Hall. Khalil also informed voting CCSC members of the strength of his relationship with the chaplain at Earl Hall, in addition to the fact that he has formed unofficial co-sponsorships with other student leaders in religious backgrounds different to his own. Other ideas that Khalil shared included increasing dining hall service for dietary restrictions, especially those occurring during certain holiday periods, and increasing prayer spaces on campus, specifically in Butler. Khalil’s detailed ideas as well as his clear dedication and past experience in working with other religious backgrounds is likely why he was voted as the inaugural Religion Representative! Congratulations to Mohammad Khalil (CC ’23)!

After the appointment process and transitional meetings between incumbents and newly elected general body members, VP of Communications Krishna Menon (CC ’22) briefly presented an ID Task Force Proposal to help fund the multicultural graduations. It was proposed to provide $2000 per multicultural graduation. Because this has been done in the past, there are no administrational bureaucratic hurdles to providing this money to these groups for this purpose, making it an easy and quick proposal that passed.

To end the semester with some fun, CCSC EBoard members presented the annual Paper Plate Awards! Here were some of the highlights:

  • President Joon Baek (CC ’21) received most likely to be the first to qualify for elderly assistance to which he laughed in reply and admitted that being 25 does feel quite old. Then, a mysterious voice from outside his Zoom camera corrected him that he is in fact 24. I guess President Baek is also least likely to know his own age.
  • VP Policy Rads Mehta (CC ’22) received most likely to marry VP Communications Krishna Menon (CC ’22). That’s just true.
  • VP Krishna Menon (CC ’22) was voted most likely to call PrezBo “bestie.”
  • VP Finance got most likely to be passive aggressive during general body meeting, which she corrected by saying that she is in fact most likely to just be “aggressive aggressive.”
  • VP Campus Life Justin Rossman got most likely to book Megan Thee Stallion because yeah, that almost actually happened.
  • Race and Ethnicities Representative Colby King (CC ’22) was voted most likely to seduce PrezBo, most famous person at Columbia, and most likely to bring racial harmony. Representative King confirmed that he will seduce PrezBo if that is what it takes to achieve racial harmony on campus.
  • Disabilities Representative Blake Jones (CC ’22) was voted most likely to be the next Benedict Cumberbatch.

Thank you lovely readers for staying tuned in this semester! Your CCSC members worked very hard this year to make classes and student life as bearable as possible over Zoom. Next academic year’s Eboard is guaranteed to continue the same level of dedication that has been observed this past year, with Rads Mehta being next year’s president and Krishna Menon elected as VP Policy! Thank you CCSC for a wonderful year filled with amendments, appointments, proposals, and an election season, and of course for the many laughs!

Image via Bwog archives.