Bwog ends the semester with some closing remarks from our favorite profs.

On world events:

“The UK used to be really bad [with COVID-19 cases]… no wonder Boris Johnson’s hair was so messy then. I mean you know his hair is always messy but still.”

On table etiquette:

“I shouldn’t eat my food off of a hammer.”

“Are we drinking new wine in old bottles or old wine in new bottles?”

On the world at large:

“The world has not done right by you. They have made you worry about meaningless things.”

“I hope you feel more like the minions [from Despicable Me] than an overload sensation.”

On not feeling like the main character:

“I’m at most sidekick material, man.”

On reopening in the fall:

“It won’t be what it was was, but it won’t be what it was. What will be, will be.”

“I hope I get to meet you someday.”

And a final positive thought:

“It’s good to be human… and I think you’re going to find this experience [at Columbia] helps you in the world.”

Unbottled Wine via Bwog Archives