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  • On Tuesday, April 13th at 6:30 pm is Race in America: Covering Far-Right Extremism. Sponsored by the Ira A. Lipman Center at Columbia Journalism School, the forum between historian Kathleen Belew and Journalism Professor Nina Berman, will be be moderated by Lipman Center Director Jelani Cobb.
  • On Wednesday, April 14th at 4:00 pm, Sexual Violence Response (SVR) is Unpacking the Man Box: Reimagining Masculine Norms. The event will explore the man box at the intersection of identity, grapple with the meaning of ‘healthy’ and ‘thriving masculinities’, and delve into the nuance and complexity of male-identified individuals of various positionalities who experience harm.
  • On Wednesday, April 14th 5:00 pm is Race in America: Covering Violence against Asians. The event  reexamines the United States’ long history of discrimination and violence against Asian Americans, with speakers historian Ellen Wu and journalist Jiayang Fan.
  • On Wednesday, April 14th 6:15 pm the Heyman Center is Celebrating Recent Work by Hamid Dabashi. In this social and intellectual biography, Hamid Dabashi contends that Jalal Al-e Ahmad was the last Muslim intellectual to have articulated a vision of Muslim worldly cosmopolitanism, before the militant Islamism of the last half a century degenerated into sectarian politics and intellectual alienation from the world at large.
  • On Thursday, April 15th at 6:15 pm is 12/13 Open Borders.Professors Paulina Ochoa Espejo, Seyla Benhabib, Joseph Carens, and Bernard E. Harcourt read and discuss several texts on borders, border policing, and cosmopolitan interdependence.
  • On Friday, April 16 at 12:00 pm is Labour, Precarity, Survival, and Lived Experiences. Moderated by Bridget Anderson with speakers Ailsa Winton (Independent Researcher), “Queer mobilities, labour precarity and messy survival”, and Razan Ghazzawi (University of Sussex), “Everyday racism and the precarious mobilities of asylum seekers and migrants in Lebanon”.
  • On Saturday, April 17th at 6:00 pm is Pandemic Tales: Uplifting the Organizing of Filipino Migrant Workers. This is a first look at a report by Damayan Migrant Workers Association and students at Barnard College on the impact of the pandemic on Filipino migrant workers.

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